Saab Stories: Inner City Wrenching

Wrenching in the city when you don’t have a garage presents a series of logistical headaches. While I love Slummerville, MA and our condo, I don’t have off-street parking and, obviously, no easy access to a garage. As a result ya gotta get by with some help from your friends. Over the last couple of weeks my buddy¬†Jesse has been good enough to host me at his garage around the corner from my house for some evening wrenching. So while I certainly enjoy my jaunts down to Providence and Jim’s garage, the hour or so of driving isn’t exactly conducive to my week night routine.

Wagons ho! My Outback a brace 245 wagons and that subline 122s.

Wagons ho! My Outback a brace 245 wagons and that subline 122s.

Jesse shares the garage rental with a friend and they each keep a car in the super secret, super secure spot. Jesse’s ’73 1800ES and his friend’s ’67 122s call this little slice of heaven home.


Arty Volvo is arty.

122s' B18 in all its tractor-esque glory!

122s’ B18 in all its tractor-esque glory!


This isn’t Jesse’s first foray into rented garage space, he previously kept his car at another spot, but he was specifically barred from wrenching on his cars there because of insurance issues (thanks lawyers). Protip: an urban gearhead must be aware of their particular legalities!


The 1800ES is a glorious object.

Jesse is proof that an urban gearhead can make do, provided he’s got a space. Alas, until such time as we pack up and move out of the city and a more spacious location, I’m probably dependent upon my comrades. I guess I’d better be nice then.



Italian Car Day at the Larz

This week I’m trying to be more diligent/timely with my posts, whereas it took me almost 5 weeks to post photos from British Car Day at the Larz, this time it will only take me a few hours days! It was a gray and drizzly morning, more suited to British cars really, but that didn’t seem to keep record crowds away. Truthfully, I could care less for the real marquee draws of this show – Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghinis aren’t really my bag. What I came for were the Alfas, Fiats and Lancias. Thankfully, despite a very strong showing of the more gauche supercar set, there were plenty of more interesting, and accessible cars to be seen. So here goes!


Brit Car Day at the Larz

It’s summer in Boston, which means the Larz Anderson is busy with great lawn events. While the high holiday is still a few weeks away, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other worthy events to see. Earlier this summer the Larz hosted¬†the well attended British Car Day. Here’s a little look back at what you might have missed.