Saab Stories: Important Work


Made a really important upgrade to the Saab! While Saab (car maker) is more than likely dead and gone (again) at least Saab Parts North America is around to provide needed spares. Over the summer, the good folks over there did a promotion, submit your VIN and they’d send you a nice new shiny badge to replace your (likely) worn one. Well, mine came the other day!



So thanks Saab parts!


Quiet ’round here

I’ve been a little delinquent on posts as of late; thankfully its not for a lack of progress on the Saab! I’ll have more of an update on that soon. In the meantime, thought I’d share a few video gems I found via Motor Con Brio! Sure it’s a bit lazy, but that’s what car blogging is all about! Hey, it’s also hard to argue with interesting tunes and good videography. I should also point out that all three videos come via some interesting French (or Belgian) outfit called Lab Guillaume, which I know nothing about and has resisted my exhaustive efforts google them for more than 5 seconds.

First up, who doesn’t love the Goddess? The car starts with a hell of a sense of occasion, doesn’t it?

If this doesn’t make the a ho hum version of the Mercedes w124 interesting, I don’t know what will.

And finally, a little early Neue Klasse BMW 520 love, who couldn’t love a car in that color?

3 Minutes

Editor’s note: long time reader and friend of this blog, Nicholas recently bought his dream car: a Porsche 911 Turbo. Yeah, holy hell is right.  Nicholas is an old friend and likes things that go. I’ve asked him to periodically share his experience of owning a 12 year old supercar. God help him, and us. 

I bought a supercar. I had a ticket 3 minutes later. It was the best traffic stop I’ve ever been through. The cop laughed the whole time, he clearly thought it was a cool car.


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The Saabath – Swedish Car Day XV

I think I’ve been spending too many Sundays in Brookline, MA, why in the world would I voluntarily get my ass up at 6:20 on a precious summer weekend to go all the way out to the Boston ‘burbs? Because Saabath. Yep, another Swedish Car Day has come and gone. And it was spectacular.

A partial collection of my comrade's many cars. We did a similar photo last year.

A partial collection of our motley band’s cars. We did a similar photo last year.

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